How The Private Investigation Industry Has Evolved

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Resourceful is a word used to describe the private investigators in Boise. However, it is also an accurate description of the early detectives who paved the way to today’s tech savvy investigators. Historically, a private investigator was someone who would be hired to provide services that either existing law enforcement agencies were unable or incapable of providing.

Going back to 19th century France detectives were using resourceful means of solving crimes and gathering information utilizing techniques that are still in use today. The only real difference is that thanks to computers, the methods have been updated. Regardless, the purpose of using a detective remains the same – to discover information that is not readily available.

Roles Have Also Evolved

The private investigators in Boise come from a long line of great detectives. As they were originally used to assist in law enforcement matters, the kinds of information that was uncovered in these investigations saw a major expansion in the role played by a detective. In today’s world the private investigator is used for much more than assisting lawmen.

A detective can be called on to assist with a wide range of investigative tasks thanks to their resourcefulness. Locating a long-lost family member, gathering data on fraud cases involving individuals or companies and tracking criminals are some of the ways a detective is used in the present day. Their value has increased as much as their role over the centuries.

Data Collection Is Still The Goal

Because a private detective has access to resources that the average person does not, they are the logical choice in settling disputes or matters that require evidence to be resolved in court. It is a slight shift away from the original role they played centuries ago, but still focuses on the ability a detective has in searching for the information required by a client to solve an issue.

Data collection techniques may have evolved somewhat but the private investigators in Boise still use the methods that have always worked over time. This can range for surveillance of suspects to asking questions and interviewing people who may have details of information that can assist in a case. This is the same kind of resourcefulness used by 19th century detectives.

There is no denying the expertise in having a professional assigned to any task. If anything has not changed over centuries as the private investigating industry has is that even today a detective is considered a professional in the field of information gathering. That is why they were pulled into action centuries ago and that is why people and corporations hire them today.

Contact The Private Investigators In Boise Today

When the solution you are looking for concerning a matter requires further evidence to support, turn to the resourceful professionals at Custer Agency. These private investigators in Boise come from a long history of intelligent detectives known for their expertise as much as they were known for their resourcefulness. Call Custer Agency today for more information.

All About Surveillance Investigations

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The private investigators in Boise are called upon for various types of investigative work. One of the most challenging of these involves surveillance. If you have ever watched a detective movie or television show you have very likely heard the term ‘tail’ being used as in someone being ‘tailed’ or having a ‘tail’ put on them. This is a layman’s term for surveillance.

The point of a surveillance investigation is to monitor or observe certain activities and behaviors of an individual, group of individuals or company. The information gathered through this kind of investigation is then used in a court room setting as evidence to support or prove a claim that has been made. The private investigators in Boise conduct surveillance in many different ways.

What Tools Are Used In Surveillance Investigations

Much like the ‘cop shows’ show, a detective will conduct a surveillance investigation by tracking a subject and their movements. This can be done by following the subject in a vehicle that cannot be immediately identified as such or with GPS technology. The most valuable tool in this kind of investigation is a video camera which is used to record evidence.

The private investigators in Boise rely on video recordings as they capture details that may not be readily recognizable in still photos. Plus, video evidence is considered one of the strongest pieces of investigative information in court. Other data is collected through the use of field agents who can conduct interviews with acquaintances of the subject under surveillance.

After Surveillance Information Is Gathered

Once a detective has determined sufficient data and evidence has been collected through the surveillance investigation, a report is prepared. The report will document what findings were uncovered and how they satisfy the purpose of the investigation. This will become the foundation of information used in court testimony.

Contact Custer Agency Today

Private investigators are the professional detectives required to conduct any kind of surveillance. They have not just the technical knowhow, they also have access to tools and use methods that will provide the necessary information for your court case. Detectives are efficient and capable when a surveillance investigation is required for a client.

The private investigators in Boise have a great deal of experience in handling various surveillance investigations. They can also uncover evidence that would not be possible if you were to attempt to track someone yourself. For more information on whether or not a surveillance investigation is needed in your case, contact Custer Agency today.

What is a Fraud Investigation?

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Fraud is far more common than you may realize and the private investigators in Boise have seen their share of these kinds of cases. In simple terms, when someone or something is misrepresented with deception as the prime objective, fraud has been committed. A fine example is if a product or service is advertised as one thing but does not meet the specifications promoted. In other words, the manufacturer is guilty of using fraudulent means to increase business.

A fraud investigation is where evidence is gathered in order to determine whether or not a scam or some kind had taken place. The goal of the private investigators in Boise in this type of investigation is to protect those victimized by the act of fraud. If that evidence supports the fraud claim, then a guilty verdict results in some form of restitution to those who were deceived. Information gathering is conducted in order to prove or disprove the fraud claim.

How Is A Fraud Investigation Conducted?

Following an interview with the claimant where detectives collect the details related to the fraud claim, more evidence it collected. This may come from investigations within the business that has the claim against it or employees involved. This can be done through interviews, background checks and surveillance. Once enough data is collected, the investigators build the case to support the claim.

What Are Different Types of Fraud?

The most common types of fraud the private investigators in Boise deal with are insurance fraud. This occurs when either an individual has made a false claim for insurance benefits or where a legitimate claim is not honored by an insurance company. Financial fraud includes such things as terrorist financing, health care/telemarketing fraud and tax evasion.

Internet fraud is becoming more common with people being taken advantage of on the internet. Usually it involves financial transactions that are fraudulent or theft of personal information. Identity theft is another type of fraud that is becoming more common as is mechanical repair fraud where vehicle owners are deceived over vehicle servicing and pricing.

Other types of fraud come from misrepresenting amounts required for business expense accounts, inventory theft, and corporate fraud where customer information is compromised. There is even transit fraud where staged accidents are created to benefit individuals riding on public transit and ticket fraud where non-existent event tickets are sold.

Contact Custer Agency Today

Have you been the victim of some kind of deception that could be considered fraud? The private investigators in Boise can help you deal with this situation by launching an investigation. To find out how the detectives at Custer Agency can be of service, call their office today for more information on fraud investigations.

Text Message Investigations

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How a Private Investigator in Boise Approaches Text Message Investigations

Text Message Investigations

Private investigators in Boise have found that many smart phone users believe that once a text message is deleted – it is gone forever. The same goes for erasing any other files that were once accessed by the handheld device. As it turns out, none of that data is actually removed. This turns any cell phone into a valuable tool used in different investigations because of the information it continues to have stored deep inside it. However, it takes an expert with the right tools to extract that information.

Why Would You Want To Access These Files?

Typically recovery of this data is essential in several different kinds of private investigations. While accessing cell phone text messages may be a regular source of information during an infidelity investigation, information stored on such a device can be used in other ways as well. A failing in a business partnership or family dispute may require this kind of research. Even alibis during investigations where timelines are being established can be assisted by text message time and date stamp information.

What Can A Detective Uncover From A Cell Phone?

The private investigators in Boise use proprietary computer software to extract data from handheld devices, even if they have been locked or damaged. The kinds of data that can be recovered includes deleted text messages, deleted photos, and deleted video, call logs and even GPS information. All of this can come direct for the internal phone memory. All of this data is kept confidential outside of the framework of the investigation it is being used for and is gathered discreetly in an office setting.

Why Go To A Private Investigator For This Information?

Phone carriers cannot release this kind of information without a court order (in most cases). The guy you bought the phone from may be able to hack into some data but will not be able to pull out the ‘lost’ data. The private investigators in Boise are called on to examine phone data for various reasons and as a result have the correct software to do this legally and efficiently. In fact, the software used by detectives is not shareware or anything you would be able to access online or find available to the public.

Contact Custer Agency Today

The private investigators in Boise are the best at what they do. They have the skills to uncover the evidence required for your court appearance – even from a smart phone. Let the professional detectives at Custer Agency help you by pulling out only the data that is relevant to the investigation. For more information on how they can assist your situation, call Custer Agency today.

A Private Detective’s Favorite Equipment

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Private investigators in Boise have a full arsenal of tools of the trade although they don’t always use each of them. Different kinds of investigations require different pieces of equipment. This is why it is important to have a good supply of the latest and most up-to-date tools in order to complete an investigation quickly and efficiently. But what are some of the favorite pieces of equipment? Let’s take a look at the top three items the detectives at Custer Agency like to use:

1 – Cameras

Although a good quality digital camera is always handy, lawyers typically find photos taken by them hard to trust. With the mechanical means that exists in today’s world in the form of photo software, it isn’t hard to manipulate digital photos to look like something they are not. That is why a good old print camera is one of the most valuable and most favorite pieces of equipment of many detectives. The negatives don’t lie and can’t be altered. Add to this a good quality video camera for various surveillance investigations. Video does not lie and provides good evidence.

2 – Cell Phones

Believe it or not, with a cell phone the private investigators in Boise can conduct a lot of business. Plus, it really makes it easier to follow leads and get in contact with anyone anywhere. Having to locate phone booths and public phones are a thing of the past now that cell phone technology exists. Also, with the different apps one can download to a smart phone, additional tools come into play ranging from GPS location services, a flashlight or voice recorder to hunting down information on the internet from the palm of your hand.

3 – Computer Software

The most valuable of the favorite computer programs in use by private investigators in Boise would be propriety databases. Some of these are only available to law enforcement agencies, private detectives and other similar user agencies. These databases have information that the average person cannot access which makes them invaluable. Especially when it comes to record searches, background checks and the need to find specific information related to an investigation that is not available through other public record databases.

Contact Custer Agency

There are several ways in which the private investigators in Boise approach a case. This is why it is important to have a number of different tools for the job. However, some of the equipment gets used more than others which make them popular. If you are in need of the expertise of a professional detective for a case, give the private investigators at Custer Agency a call today. Let them put their favorite tools and their special skills to work for you.

Aerial Drones and Privacy Laws

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Aerial Drones and Privacy Laws

They are becoming commonplace and the private investigators in Boise are as concerned about drones as you are. Drones are technically unmanned flying machines that can be equipped with cameras. They are used a lot for private business ventures such as for real estate videos and photos from overhead, wedding photography and even to keep an eye on property or large herds of animals. Some drone users have embraced the technology and created a whole new way we look at ourselves and the world around us.

However, other drone users are less professional in the way they use the flying cameras and this has opened doors related to privacy laws. The private investigators in Boise have been watching this very closely as a result. While drone use has increased, the threat to privacy has as well. As for legislation, it varies considerably from state to state. Even some municipalities have strict guidelines regarding the use of drones for any kind of aerial photography. The main issue is that there is no clear national regulation beyond where they can fly.

The history of drones is closely linked to various forms of surveillance with their origins deeply rooted in military use. In fact, many governments employ the use of drones to provide surveillance today. The use of drones capturing video is referred to as persistent surveillance where an aerial photograph snapped by one is known as a form of episodic surveillance. The fine line that has brought about concerns related to privacy issues is which form of surveillance is the more intrusive and can you protect yourself from either.

Governments view snapped photographs as incremental observations and not exactly an invasion of privacy. However, privacy laws tend to focus on where a person is located and whether or not a reasonable expectation of privacy exists. It’s like comparing aerial photos of someone in an open area to those of the same person inside a building. The fine line continued to get blurred which has become a great cause for concern by law abiding citizens. It has also become an issue for the private investigators in Boise when privacy issues become part of their caseload.

Contact Custer Agency Today

If you feel that your privacy has been violated in any way through surveillance conducted by any kind of drone vehicle, contact the detectives at Custer Agency. The private detectives in Boise at Custer Agency will use their knowledge to assist you to protect your privacy and the privacy of your family members.

Adoption & Search Reunion Investigations

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How a Private Investigator in Boise Approaches Adoption Investigations

One specialized branch of detective work revolves around adoptions. A private investigator in Boise may be called upon to conduct this kind of search for a variety of reasons and rely on several resources. As you can imagine, with most states sealing adoption records, and a lack of public records to access, adoption and search reunion investigations are time consuming. This is where a good detective can unlock the clues necessary to meet the client’s needs.

Why An Adoption Investigation?

The majority of adoption investigations are for adoptees that were born between 1950 and 1980. The common reasons for tracking down a birth mother is so a child can learn more about family histories, social and cultural heritage, to reunite with siblings or other family members.

Parents often rely on the private investigators in Boise for this kind of detective work for different reasons. They include family history research for genealogical purposes and for reconciliation with children.

Doctors utilize adoption investigation services as a means of tracking family medical histories. Law enforcement agencies look to these kinds of searches when tracing a person’s criminal history related to an ongoing crime investigation.

How Are They Conducted?

As most adoption records are unavailable to private investigators in Boise, one of the most reliable sources of information is through family history researchers. Genealogy resources ranging from family history databases and libraries can provide valuable information.

In addition, regional and local family history hobbyists are incredible sources. Many have amassed data details that do not exist on public ancestry online sources. As a result, some of these resourceful genealogists can provide a detective will intricate information that may have taken years to collect and document.

Private investigators in Boise will gather the information required and in the case of a reunion, discover names, locate residential locations and build background information. This is used to prepare the birth parents in advance of arranging a reunion.

For adoptees, information is gathered with often not much more than the name of the birth mother. Investigators will search marriage and divorce records and will use this information to locate the person before contact is made.

For More Information

Whether you are a parent locating a child that was put up for adoption, or an adoptee searching for birth parents, our private investigators can assist. Contact Custer Agency in Boise for all the details in order to launch your adoption search and reunion investigation.


Background Checks in Boise

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How Private Investigators in Boise do Background Checks

Known as a background investigation, there are several reasons why private investigators in Boise would look into someone’s past. These checks are usually conducted for pre-employment or pre-marital reasons. Another cause for a background investigation is when a subject is about to assume a position that involves a high level of security or fiduciary trust.

The complexity of such an information investigation varies depending on the circumstances and requirements. Some require reference verification on job applications or a basic criminal records check. Others may involve going back at least ten years looking for such items as a criminal record or incidents documented in civil law courts.

The tools and methods used by private investigators in Boise are many and here are just a few:

1 – Online Newspapers

Thanks to the internet, searching newspaper archives for information on a subject is much easier and faster. Various pieces of data published in newspapers can become important parts of a background investigation. They also serve as great sources for character reference material if the subject has a high profile in their specific community.

2 – Prison Records

Jail records are available online through the Federal Bureau of Prisons if the subject has served time in a federal facility. The information available includes where and when a sentence was served as well as the release date. For county jails the same information is usually a phone call away just by contacting the local facility and speaking with staff on duty.

3 – Property Taxes

If a background investigation requires information on whether or not a subject owns property there is a source for this data. Private investigators in Boise refer to Tax Appraisal District records which can reveal a lot of details related to property ownership. The records usually require a physical search but can be accessed by visiting an office in the county seat.

4 – Social Media

Believe it or not, any and all feeds from social media networks can yield a lot of information to fill out a search of someone’s history. All popular social media platforms have archives that can be easily searched. Privacy settings allow you to restrict access but in the case of an employment-related background check, it may look as if you are hiding something.

5 – Educational Records

Private investigators in Boise will search school records to determine attendance and degrees attained. Some data is restricted for privacy reasons but many colleges will provide basic information and the ones that don’t may have data stored through the National Student Clearing House. That’s where verification of education information can be obtained.

6 – Take Out The Trash

Yes, it is true. Sometimes the best source of information for a background check can come directly from someone’s trash can. There are only a few reasons why a detective would go through the contents of a garbage can and can only legally access trash cans that are sitting on the curb for pick up and not any sitting on private property.

Contact Custer Agency For Information

If you are in need of a background investigation before hiring someone or wish to verify someone’s past prior to marriage, the private investigators in Boise can help. They are trained to conduct these checks quickly and efficiently so you get the information you require. For more information contact Custer Agency today.

How an Attorney Effectively Uses a Private Investigator

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How Attorneys Use Private Investigators

Detectives have ways and means to uncover valuable evidence for use in various courtroom settings. This is why private investigators in Boise are called upon by attorneys for assistance with specific information needed for different cases. Here is a list of several ways in which an attorney can use the services of a private investigator:

Find Important Information

Private investigators have a skills set that enables them to locate or identify potentially vital pieces of information for the court. This can be a search for family members, a witness or a former employee who knows something of value. It could be uncovering assets, banking information or other details not normally disclosed under a court order than may become pertinent during the course of a trail or series of court appearances.

Provide Significant Background Details

Attorneys spend hours preparing for time in a courtroom, whether for a testimony or deposition, and private investigators in Boise provide tremendous data support at this time. They are able to produce information on each witness drawing a character sketch so the lawyer has a better idea of strengths and weaknesses that may be revealed in front of a judge. This information assists an attorney in choosing strategies to use and when to use them.

Building Solid Leverage

Data collected by detectives is often used to assist during negotiations. The solid information that can include sources and details pulled from an internal investigation can make the difference in the outcome of litigation and the kind of settlement. Private investigators provide the back up required by an attorney to strike a deal and be confident that the evidence will stand. Plus, detectives can assist in the enforcement of those judgments.

Recover and Monitor Evidence

In the digital age, private investigators in Boise have the training to analyze and recover electronic files that may otherwise have been believed to be deleted. This includes e-mails, documents and any other kind of downloaded material. Also, detectives can monitor and locate counterfeit files, documents and products that may be exchanged anywhere around the world. It is with these skills they are invaluable to attorneys.

Contact Custer Agency Today

The private investigators at Custer Agency in Boise are the best at what they do. They have the skills to uncover the evidence your attorney requires in order to speed the litigation process and bring a settlement in your favor. For more information on the private investigators in Boise, call Custer Agency today.

How a Private Investigator Approaches Intelligence Gathering

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Private Investigators & Intelligence Gathering

Private Investigators in Boise have changed the way they gather information for clients over the years. The changes have come primarily due to advances in technology however, the ‘old school’ methods once used by detectives still provide valuable information. As a result, a good private investigator will use all available methods which are a blending of old and new in what is termed a three-pronged approach.

The three key elements in this kind of investigation information gathering include: Online Sources, Source-Based Information and Human Intelligence. While each has advantages, they also have disadvantages. Here is how private investigators in Boise utilize the three-pronged approach.

1 – Online Sources

This is the kind of information that is easy to locate through the internet. It can include proprietary investigative and open-source databases as well as various internet sources. Social networks, blogs and similar networking platforms are also available to search.

The advantages of using online sources are many ranging from cost effectiveness (free access to most) and data collected can provide a fast ‘snapshot’ of information. The downside is that since most of the information comes from third-party sources the level of accuracy may be questionable.

2 – Source-Based Information

Information gathered from Federal, State and local repositories fall under this category making the data more reliable. It still means the internet will be used to access many source-based and corporate documents and could expand to involve computer forensics.

Due to the reliability of these sources, advantages of this kind of investigation include a more in-depth collection of facts and information. The risks here revolve around inconsistent availability from one jurisdiction to another plus, these sources are typically unavailable to access anonymously. This may jeopardize information gathering for some clients.

3 – Human Intelligence

This is the ‘old school’ part of the investigative process where third-party interviews, surveillance programs and even searching through garbage results in important fact recovery.

The advantage to this form of gathering intelligence includes credible and reliable eyewitness accounts that may not be available through any other means. The disadvantages come from interviewees possibly having a hidden agenda and difficulty in maintaining anonymity.

No Two Investigations Are The Same

One more thing private investigators in Boise keep in mind is that what may work in one case may not be the same in another. This means there is no such thing as a blanket approach that works in all investigations. However, there are some cases that only require intelligence gathering from one or two of the prongs instead of all three.

Contact The Professionals At Custer Agency

At Custer Agency the private investigators employ one or all of these methods when collecting information for investigations. The specifics of your case will determine what kind of intelligence gathering is required. To find out how the private investigators in Boise can help you call us today for more information.