Who We Are

Our Private Detectives in Boise

Our professionals consist of both full- and part-time investigators with varied backgrounds and areas of specialty.

Private detectives in Boise ID

Our Leadership

Brian McDonald is President and CEO of Custer Agency. He has over 35 years of experience investigating insurance fraud, worker’s compensation claims, marital and custodial issues, and more recently digital forensics and social media profiles.

“I worked on the first Excedrin killing (Snow), worked heavy equipment thefts from the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Project, working with an FBI Task Force, conducted investigations on Law Enforcement Officers and Detectives that have resulted in criminal charges in State and County Courts, conducted numerous White Collar Crime cases that resulted with Criminal charges and convictions and have worked a myriad of insurance defense cases.”

– Speaker at numerous industry conferences.

Our Staff

The Custer Agency staff of professionals consists of both full- and part-time investigators with varied backgrounds and areas of specialty. We also supplement our capabilities with additional expertise if clients’ needs so dictate. Our investigators are provided with the latest technology available to help assure good results.

Neal B. Custer, the CPP, CFE, former president & CEO of Custer Agency, Inc.  Mr. Custer has over 35 years’ experience in investigations and security management. He spent 11 years as Corporate Security Manager for a Fortune 500 company and 11 years as an investigator for the Idaho Attorney General’s Office. He is an Adjunct Professor at Boise State University in the Criminal Justice Department teaching courses in Asset Protection Management and Public Record and Information Research. He is a Criminologist, a Certified Protection Professional, and a Certified Fraud Examiner.