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Our Boise, Idaho-based computer forensics services are provided by trained and experienced cyber security consultants, including an Encase certified computer forensics examiner.

Custer Agency Private Investigators can locate most lost, hidden, or deleted information from the following sources:

  • Hard Drives
  • Back-up Storage Media
  • Databases
  • E-mail Servers
  • Web Servers
  • Internet Sites
  • Personal Digital Devices (Blackberries and cellular telephones)
  • Digital Cameras
  • Zip Drives
  • Fax Machines
  • Digital Answering Machines
Computer forensics, Boise ID

Digital Recovery For Evidence

Computer forensics can be defined as the collection, preservation, analysis, and if needed, the court presentation of computer-related evidence. Why do we need computer forensics? Because a vast amount of information can be found in computers. Even if a file has been deleted we may be able to recover it. Also, in today’s technologically advanced society, computers and other storage devices such as PDA’s and mobile phones are fast becoming the preferred medium for storing information. Our computer forensics specialists use state-of-the-art tools and procedures to confidentially recover, safeguard, analyze, and present data extracted from various computer storage devices. This enables us to identify individuals, motives, and their methods.

With the majority of the world’s business documents being drafted on computers and the use of e-mail, instant messaging and internet business by nearly everyone, much of today’s civil litigation evidence can be derived from computers. Custer Agency’s computer forensic investigation team with the ability to locate and recover any and all relevant information or traces of same that may exist on a computer or storage device. This includes recovering items such as e-mails viewed but not “saved”, websites visited, deleted documents, uninstalled software, etc. The great news about this type of data is that unlike a piece of paper which only shows us what we can see, electronic data can have information about it’s creation, multiple versions of that information, who it was transmitted to, history of it’s use, etc. We are proud to say that if a piece of information exists on a computer or storage device, we will be able to locate it and produce it for inclusion in evidence.

Computer forensics investigation should not be confused with the type of searches conducted by computer consultants. Custer Agency computer forensics team locates and reconstructs each file or fragment.

Our computer forensic investigations are conducted in a forensically sound manner, thus preserving the integrity associated with that piece of electronic evidence. As Idaho licensed private investigators, we are in a far better position to find evidence than IT firms because we already have the investigative knowledge, training, and mindset. We use court recognized software programs and tools to employ along with our vast experience in both the technological aspects as well as generally accepted investigation practices.

We work with Reveal Digital Forensics and Security, a subsidiary of Custer Agency, which uses court-recognized software with investigative procedures to recover data and information for use as evidence.

Our Forensic Computer Investigation Special Features

  • Forensic Computer Investigations conducted by licensed private detectives
  • On site data capture allowing you to begin using the computer in question immediately
  • Court recognized expert forensic investigators
  • Experience testifying in court

Benefits of Hiring Custer Agency’s Forensic Investigation Team

  • Evidence that frequently cannot even be produced by your opposition is now available to you.
  • Our work product confidentiality is protected by law
  • Evidence can be collected wherever the computer/storage device is located and is stored at our location to protect chain of custody
  • Cost effective evidence collection without parallel.

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