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Our Surveillance Services in Boise

Our surveillance services in Boise encompass anything from digital photography to covert video. We have the equipment and the experience to investigate all concerns from domestic suspicion to suspected insurance fraud.

Surveillance services in Boise ID

Surveillance is crucial to investigation

Surveillance is becoming increasingly necessary in the world today. We all value our privacy, however devious individuals are costing innocent Americans millions each year and threatening our safety and security. Fraudulent insurance claims are on the rise. Stalking is more prevalent than ever. A disgruntled employee that is terminated threatens to injure an office staffed with innocent people. We are seeing more and more of these situations every day on the evening news. Whether it’s domestic situations (especially those involving child custody/endangerment), threat management, workplace violence, worker’s compensation or disability claims, our team of expertly trained investigators provide factual, unbiased evidence, which allows our clients to make informed decisions.

Technology and Techniques

We can provide mobile or fixed surveillance options to fit your specific needs. We have the latest technology and we have a wide variety of the latest equipment in video surveillance. Also, our investigators are professional and well trained in various surveillance techniques. Included in our inventory are: surveillance vehicles fully equipped for mobile or fixed covert surveillance, trailers and vans fully equipped with cameras and recorders for unmanned stationary surveillance jobs, and GPS tracking devices, in appropriate cases, that can be used to track a subject in real time. We can customize just about any solution to fit your needs.