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Insurance Investigators in Boise

Our insurance investigators in Boise provide a wide range of investigative services. These services include but are not limited to: AOE/COE investigations, background investigations, and surveillance.

Insurance investigators in Boise

Our Insurance Investigations

One of the cornerstones of Custer Agency is our long standing tradition of providing investigative excellence to insurance carriers. Our investigative services, which include workers compensation and personal injury surveillance/activity checks and background checks. We have helped thousands of adjusters and insurance defense attorneys from coast to coast to gather the information they need to make educated, responsible claims decisions.

Private Investigation and Court

We realize that too many insurance investigative agencies make far too many irresponsible promises about what they can do which almost always leave you looking bad to your supervisors, claims team and the claimant. We understand that you have many choices when selecting an investigator and that most insurance investigators sound the same when pitching their services to you.

What we will promise you, which the giant national P.I. agencies cannot, is that we will not embarrass you or your company. We do not accept assignments that we cannot actually do and do well. We do not use investigators who are untrained, inexperienced and make for poor witnesses on the stand. In short, everything we do, we do with your best interests in mind. We follow an ethics policy and treat the subject of the investigation like a real person and respect their rights and dignity. Its our right and obligation to build a strong case for you.