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Hire a Private Investigator in Boise

Hire a private investigator in Boise ID

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Investigative Mission

When you hire a private investigator in Boise, it’s important to know what their goals are in working with you. At Custer Agency Private Investigators, our primary mission is to solve people’s problems, be it personal or business.

We reunite people with lost loved ones and we try to help clients from diverse backgrounds including individuals, attorneys, businesses and government agencies who are in need of Boise Idaho Investigative Services. When the Police are unable to solve an investigation, we can help the client who has been victimized. From domestic problems to business fraud to Idaho Business Security audits, we step into the victim’s shoes and go the extra mile until the job gets done right!

Local Private Investigators in the Boise Metro Area

Our Private investigator firm is locally based and handles local issues in the Boise Metro area and nearby Idaho towns such as Eagle, Nampa, McCall and Ketchum. Because of our Boise Idaho location as well as decades of experience working in the field of private investigation in Idaho, we have a distinct advantage over out of state detective firms. We have the proven capability to handle complex investigative assignments and we have compassion and understanding for clients who come to us with personal or business problems or attorneys who need local detective solutions. We are at your service 24 hours a day 7 days / week, because we know that difficult situations can occur at any time of the day.

Whether you are a private citizen, an attorney, insurance company, corporate or business owner, government official or a member of law enforcement, you can always contact us for a FREE confidential consultation. The goal of Custer Agency private investigative services is to help you find the answers to your problem and to seek a permanent solution so that you can have peace of mind.

Our private investigators form a team of talented and motivated detectives who offer the highest standards of investigative service and integrity. We desire to be the very best in Idaho surveillance, security, computer forensics, background investigations, and attorney assistance. Our goal is to ensure that investigative assignments are expedited and are completed in a timely and confidential manner to the satisfaction of our clients.

Our Values

We treat all clients with respect and dignity. We conduct all business with uncompromising integrity and confidentiality. Please take a look at our testimonials or contact us for more information on how we conduct our investigative services and the investigative services we provide at our Boise Idaho detective office.