Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Private Detectives in Boise

Our team of professional investigators have collected our most commonly asked questions about Custer Agency, our services, how private investigation works and what general costs are. Still have questions, contact us today!

Background check investigation, Boise ID
  • What does it cost to hire an Idaho private investigator?

    Fees in the northwest typically run from $45.00 to $75.00 per hour plus mileage and expenses for private investigator services in Boise, Idaho, which also can vary by agency. Some Boise detective agencies also take a retainer up front and ask you to sign a contract. Custer Agency, in most cases, requires a retainer for private investigator services.

  • What about licensing and other professional requirements?

    Licensing differs from state to state as does bonding. The state of Idaho does not have licensing for Private Investigators. There are only a few cities or counties in Idaho that require licensing. Boise City and Ada County have no licensing. We carry a Private Investigator’s license with the city of Pocatello, Idaho.

  • Is the investigator affiliated with other professional organizations or associations?

    Yes. We are members of various local, state, and national associations so that we may keep up with the trends, laws, etc. that affect the private investigator industry. In a world that changes so drastically it is important to keep up with the changes around us. We continue to keep abreast of these changes with ongoing training and affiliation with many professional organizations.

  • How long has the private investigator been in business?

    Custer Agency, Inc. has been in business for over 15 years.  The licensing authority or Secretary of State for Idaho can verify this.

  • How do I choose the right investigator?

    As in any profession, you have varying degrees of competency, capability, and experience. In this investigative profession, there are some detectives/investigators who are excellent, there are many who are average, and there are a few who are not any good at all. Like an employer hiring an employee, you should put yourself in that frame of mind when choosing an investigator. The right investigator will take the time to talk to you and answer all of your questions honestly and thoroughly. They should be well-trained and stay current with changes in the industry, and be willing to provide quality service at a fair price. The right investigator should follow the law and ethical standards set forth by society, and should always keep you informed of any progress or concerns that come up regarding your case.

  • Can the investigator guarantee results?

    No, a private investigator can only report the facts as he or she records them. Because there are so many uncontrollable factors involved in the private investigation business, it is impossible to guarantee results. However, we strive to provide our best work and always keep our clients informed of ongoing progress.

  • How good are “instant” background checks?
    Most of the “Background Check” web sites that you will find on the internet are nothing more than sites that automatically search through FREE public record sources or buy old outdated information and resell it to you at 20 times the cost.

    What they do NOT do is to provide you with an actual back ground check. This is particularly true for the “Instant background check” companies.

    They give you fast but meaningless data or data that is comprised of information you likely already knew. Ironically, they forget to tell you that there is little or no chance that their background check will find anything meaningful.

    The companies that sell this type of information are not licensed private investigators and cannot give you the accuracy you want Call Custer Agency Private Investigators at (208) 562-0200 or contact us today for a no-cost consultation.