Aerial Drones and Privacy Laws

They are becoming commonplace and the private investigators in Boise are as concerned about drones as you are. Drones are technically unmanned flying machines that can be equipped with cameras. They are used a lot for private business ventures such as for real estate videos and photos from overhead, wedding photography and even to keep an eye on property or large herds of animals. Some drone users have embraced the technology and created a whole new way we look at ourselves and the world around us.

However, other drone users are less professional in the way they use the flying cameras and this has opened doors related to privacy laws. The private investigators in Boise have been watching this very closely as a result. While drone use has increased, the threat to privacy has as well. As for legislation, it varies considerably from state to state. Even some municipalities have strict guidelines regarding the use of drones for any kind of aerial photography. The main issue is that there is no clear national regulation beyond where they can fly.

The history of drones is closely linked to various forms of surveillance with their origins deeply rooted in military use. In fact, many governments employ the use of drones to provide surveillance today. The use of drones capturing video is referred to as persistent surveillance where an aerial photograph snapped by one is known as a form of episodic surveillance. The fine line that has brought about concerns related to privacy issues is which form of surveillance is the more intrusive and can you protect yourself from either.

Governments view snapped photographs as incremental observations and not exactly an invasion of privacy. However, privacy laws tend to focus on where a person is located and whether or not a reasonable expectation of privacy exists. It’s like comparing aerial photos of someone in an open area to those of the same person inside a building. The fine line continued to get blurred which has become a great cause for concern by law abiding citizens. It has also become an issue for the private investigators in Boise when privacy issues become part of their caseload.

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