Has your business adopted cloud computing yet? The private investigators in Boise see several benefits and drawbacks to this new technology. The benefits revolve around how fast IT delivery can be, the increase in productivity, financial streamlining and that it can keep any business running like a tight ship. The disadvantages stem from the challenges related to security of the sheer volume of information that can be kept in and pulled from the cloud. With multiple vendors and specific departments needing accessibility to some parts of the cloud and not others, the technology can become a Chief Information Security Officer’s worst nightmare.

The Need For Better Visibility

Because of the multi-layered needs of cloud users, many businesses have adopted different cloud formations. The private investigators in Boise state that private, public cloud and hybrid network technologies are one way to split the workload. However, the challenge still exists on visibility. Cloud-based workloads are harder to actual ‘see’ than those contained on a physical network. One way to control the cloud activity is through data governance. In other words, knowing where information is stored, where it is being shared and what cloud services are being used by the company. Without visibility it is impossible to enforce policies and control risk factors.

Compliance Issues

The private investigators in Boise also see compliance as another issue related to cloud storage and use. For example, questions to be asked when a company shifts all data files to the cloud environment should include the following:

  • Where exactly is the data going to be stored?
  • Who will be responsible for tracking and watching the data?
  • Who can see the data and can access/visibility be controlled in-house?
  • What is the security level of the cloud format being used?
  • Has the data been securely configured prior to movement?

The type of data can vary from personal information to payment data and intellectual property. Each of these contains their own standards in storage in order to be compliant.

Controlling The Situation

CISOs have such a complex IT environment to sort out in today’s world. It includes multiple endpoints that fluctuate constantly as a result of different mobile devices and desktops. Hybrid environments are as challenging but somewhat easier to control once security configurations in the cloud are made. The biggest part of the puzzle of securing cloud storage comes directly from the company using the technology. They need to control who has access to what which will eliminate a lot of unauthorized access, sharing and reducing risk at the same time.

Ask The Private Investigators in Boise

Not sure whether or not your cloud service is secure enough or that you have enough control over it? Advice from the private investigators in Boise can help. Be aware of what is stored and shared and by whom. A secure system is only as secure as the people who use it for the purpose it was designed. For more advice contact Custer Agency today.