There is not a lot of tricks that the private investigators in Boise have not already seen. However, this particular one stands out for several reasons. Equifax is a consumer credit bureau with a large and popular online platform. Then one day it happened. A third-party code was installed that sent Equifax customers to what looked like an Adobe Flash Player software update. The fake Flash Player installer was caught by anti-virus protection tools which alerted Equifax that something bad was happening at their website. They removed the code from their website and all was once again fine in the world of Equifax.

How It Happened

Equifax said the fake Adobe Flash Player software update prompts came from a third-party vendor the company uses to record website performance information. The vendor’s code was sending out malicious content until it was caught and removed. The private investigators in Boise say that Equifax did not identify the third-party but warns that this is one of the many online tricks that can compromise services and farm sensitive data from its users. Equifax says that there was no damage to their system and that no personal data had been taken.

Not The First Attack To Equifax

Hackers have used Equifax’s database as a target for more than one attack. In fact, the general public has in some cases lost a lot of faith in the security of the credit bureau system simply because it has been hit several times. One such incident that earned a lot of news coverage was when the company’s servers were hacked into resulting in Social Security numbers and other sensitive personal information being stolen. The data farmed from this particular attack directly affected over 145-million US residents. The private investigators in Boise point fingers at Equifax for having a system that can be hacked into easily. One such instance was the Equifax payroll and tax administrative site. Until it was taken down, anyone could access salary and employment history on just about any person in the United States with just a Social Security number and date of birth.

Keep Your Data Protected  

The private investigators in Boise say you need to be diligent in protecting your private information. Hackers are everywhere and they are getting better and better at breaking into secure databases. You can keep yourself protected with the use of anti-virus software programs, securing your Wi-Fi connections and reducing the amount of private information available online. For more advice on how to do this contact the private investigators in Boise at Custer Agency today.