The private investigators in Boise advise you to pay attention to your WiFi network. There has been a newly discovered weakness in the WPA2 security program. WPA2 is a security standard that protects contemporary WiFi networks. It is the shortened form of Wi-Fi Protected Access II and the flaw that has been identified will allow data to be stolen from the stream between your wireless device and the Wi-Fi network. In other words, a hacker could potentially break into the security of the WPA2 protocol and gain access to photos, chat messages, passwords and any other sensitive data you are using when on your WPA2 network.

The attack is named KRACK which is short for Key Reinstallation AttaCK. The research that led to the discovery of KRACK also says the security weakness could allow for the injection and manipulation of data. However, that may depend on the configuration of the network under attack. The private investigators in Boise say that an attacker could possibly inject ransomware or some other form of malware into websites that can be accessed through the WPA2 weakness. This means that a wide range of devices could be venerable as a result of this security issue.

There Are Some Conditions, Though

You can relax somewhat knowing that an attack through the KRACK weakness cannot be carried out remotely. However, this means that in order to be successful, a hacker must be within the Wi-Fi signal range of the WPA2 network. There is another reason to heave a sigh of relief – sensitive data such as information from financial institutions have an added layer of protection with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. SSL encryption is a completely different security feature than the WPA2 encryption layer.

Should You Be Worried About KRACK at All?

The private investigators in Boise do not view the WPA2 security hole as a huge issue for private home network users. However, if there is a potential for hacking damage it could come in the form of large corporate entities that have not separated their wired and wireless networks very well. That being said, any threat to online security should not be taken lightly and you should take necessary precautions to protect your network, devices and the information stored on them.

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