How Private Investigators in Boise do Background Checks

Known as a background investigation, there are several reasons why private investigators in Boise would look into someone’s past. These checks are usually conducted for pre-employment or pre-marital reasons. Another cause for a background investigation is when a subject is about to assume a position that involves a high level of security or fiduciary trust.

The complexity of such an information investigation varies depending on the circumstances and requirements. Some require reference verification on job applications or a basic criminal records check. Others may involve going back at least ten years looking for such items as a criminal record or incidents documented in civil law courts.

The tools and methods used by private investigators in Boise are many and here are just a few:

1 – Online Newspapers

Thanks to the internet, searching newspaper archives for information on a subject is much easier and faster. Various pieces of data published in newspapers can become important parts of a background investigation. They also serve as great sources for character reference material if the subject has a high profile in their specific community.

2 – Prison Records

Jail records are available online through the Federal Bureau of Prisons if the subject has served time in a federal facility. The information available includes where and when a sentence was served as well as the release date. For county jails the same information is usually a phone call away just by contacting the local facility and speaking with staff on duty.

3 – Property Taxes

If a background investigation requires information on whether or not a subject owns property there is a source for this data. Private investigators in Boise refer to Tax Appraisal District records which can reveal a lot of details related to property ownership. The records usually require a physical search but can be accessed by visiting an office in the county seat.

4 – Social Media

Believe it or not, any and all feeds from social media networks can yield a lot of information to fill out a search of someone’s history. All popular social media platforms have archives that can be easily searched. Privacy settings allow you to restrict access but in the case of an employment-related background check, it may look as if you are hiding something.

5 – Educational Records

Private investigators in Boise will search school records to determine attendance and degrees attained. Some data is restricted for privacy reasons but many colleges will provide basic information and the ones that don’t may have data stored through the National Student Clearing House. That’s where verification of education information can be obtained.

6 – Take Out The Trash

Yes, it is true. Sometimes the best source of information for a background check can come directly from someone’s trash can. There are only a few reasons why a detective would go through the contents of a garbage can and can only legally access trash cans that are sitting on the curb for pick up and not any sitting on private property.

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