Private Investigators & Intelligence Gathering

Private Investigators in Boise have changed the way they gather information for clients over the years. The changes have come primarily due to advances in technology however, the ‘old school’ methods once used by detectives still provide valuable information. As a result, a good private investigator will use all available methods which are a blending of old and new in what is termed a three-pronged approach.

The three key elements in this kind of investigation information gathering include: Online Sources, Source-Based Information and Human Intelligence. While each has advantages, they also have disadvantages. Here is how private investigators in Boise utilize the three-pronged approach.

1 – Online Sources

This is the kind of information that is easy to locate through the internet. It can include proprietary investigative and open-source databases as well as various internet sources. Social networks, blogs and similar networking platforms are also available to search.

The advantages of using online sources are many ranging from cost effectiveness (free access to most) and data collected can provide a fast ‘snapshot’ of information. The downside is that since most of the information comes from third-party sources the level of accuracy may be questionable.

2 – Source-Based Information

Information gathered from Federal, State and local repositories fall under this category making the data more reliable. It still means the internet will be used to access many source-based and corporate documents and could expand to involve computer forensics.

Due to the reliability of these sources, advantages of this kind of investigation include a more in-depth collection of facts and information. The risks here revolve around inconsistent availability from one jurisdiction to another plus, these sources are typically unavailable to access anonymously. This may jeopardize information gathering for some clients.

3 – Human Intelligence

This is the ‘old school’ part of the investigative process where third-party interviews, surveillance programs and even searching through garbage results in important fact recovery.

The advantage to this form of gathering intelligence includes credible and reliable eyewitness accounts that may not be available through any other means. The disadvantages come from interviewees possibly having a hidden agenda and difficulty in maintaining anonymity.

No Two Investigations Are The Same

One more thing private investigators in Boise keep in mind is that what may work in one case may not be the same in another. This means there is no such thing as a blanket approach that works in all investigations. However, there are some cases that only require intelligence gathering from one or two of the prongs instead of all three.

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