Thanks to modern technology, it has become easier for thieves to capture private information about those they victimize. Fortunately, the private investigators in Boise have seen this far too often and offer this list of tips to protect yourself from becoming a victim of cyberstalking:

1 – Beef Up Those Passwords

Believe it or not, your best defense in many cases is the password you use on any of your online accounts. The best password is one that contains random letters, numbers and symbols. Mixing upper and lower case letters is also a good idea. Strong passwords that are hard to break do not contain your dog’s name, your wedding anniversary or best friend’s nickname. By making your passwords difficult to guess gives you a great wall of protection. The private investigators in Boise also advise that you should change your passwords each year and use a different one for each account or social media platform.

2 – Keep Personal Information Personal

One way to keep cyberstalkers at bay is to not post personal information in social media sites. This is particularly important in the profiles you post online about yourself. If you must have any information posted avoid including your home phone number, street address and use different e-mail addresses if you can. Plus, do not post your real birth date online and monitor these details regularly and change frequently.

3 – Be Suspicious of E-mails and Phone Calls

When you respond to online or phone surveys, red flags should appear any time you are asked to verify personal information. While there are several legitimate surveys being conducted on a regular basis gathering consumer information, you have the right to refuse participating if you do not feel right about the questions being asked. It is always best to be a bit wary than completely trusting and accidently giving away information that can be used against you in some other way.

4 – Google Yourself Often

Just in case, it is always a good idea to conduct a search of your name online. The private investigators in Boise suggest doing this once a year to see if anyone has posted a photo or information about you without your knowledge. If you find something, contact the website owner or server administrator and request that the information be removed.

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If you suspect you have become the victim of cyberstalking, or are experiencing an online issue where someone is using your personal information against you, contact Custer Agency. The private investigators in Boise will be able to advise you on what action to tak