How Private Investigators Locate Missing People

Private investigators in Boise are called on to find people on a regular basis. The circumstances vary from case to case but generally if you are looking for a long-lost family member or acquaintance a detective can bring you together. Whether you are trying to connect with someone because you have important family news to pass along or you have contracted a contagious disease and need to alert former partners, a private investigator will be able to help.

Where To Start

Once you have provided all the information you have such as name and last known address or city of residence, your Boise private investigator will go to work. The beginning steps are relatively basic and will include searches in common reference materials. These may include phone directories, online search engines and public libraries.

Looking Deeper Online

Thanks to the technology of today’s world, searching for someone online is far easier than traditional methods. Private investigators in Boise will examine social network feeds, online directories and if they do not produce results, there are specific websites they will use. Many are designed specifically for people searches and range in nature from general directories to genealogy and family history records.

Other Sources

Detectives will look into various public record sources including court records, real estate and tax documents, registered voter information and if that doesn’t produce results they will go even further. Your Boise private investigator will search state records looking for such information as bankruptcy records, birth or death certificates, marriage licenses, divorce papers and even employment records such as worker’s compensation files and employee data.

But That’s Not All…

There is a wealth of information that can be found when searching federal records and that can be anything from social security and military records to IRS information and even the FAA to find out if the subject you are looking for happens to have a pilots’ license. In fact, any form of licensing can become a lead that will unlock a little more information including drivers’ license information. Private investigators in Boise need only a little information in order to follow up a lead which may result in additional information.

The Advantages To Hiring A Private Investigator

There is no doubt that you could spend a lot of time online searching public records and files yourself for that missing person. The majority of the public files you once had to examine physically are available online – some requiring a fee to access. But what about private company and government files? Those are the ones that only a detective can look into making a private detective an important part of the process.

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