When hiring a private investigator you require one with specific skills and qualities. Forget what you have seen on television and in the movies. A real private investigator is a professional who has to be creative and resourceful in order to solve a case or collect enough data for a case or client. This is why you need to locate one with these five key qualities to ensure you are accessing the best of the best available for the task you are hiring one for.

1 – Trustworthy

Even in the world of PI work you need someone you can trust who will take your information and keep it to themselves. Client confidentiality is a must and a detective has to understand and respect the boundaries of what is to be kept secret and what isn’t. Professional private investigators will not disclose information that has been entrusted to them to prevent credibility and integrity issues from arising.

2 – Knowledgeable

When you consider the spectrum of different assignments the average private investigator will have, there should be a great deal of knowledge coming from that. It also means that an investigator should know enough about such items as surveillance, fraud, theft and process serving to know what to do or who to contact for assistance. A good PI will know a little about a lot and where to go to find out more.

3 – Inconspicuous

One of the qualities you will want to find in a private investigator is that they are virtually invisible. Or at least they can do their job without drawing unwanted attention to themselves or what they are doing. It involves a certain amount of stealth in order to complete a variety of tasks. For example, for any kind of surveillance assignments you don’t want a PI who can be spotted right away by whoever he is following.

4 – Courageous

Without a huge department of authorities to rely on as back up, a private investigator is very much on his own while on assignment. This means that in addition to having equal parts of bravery, ingenuity and street smarts, the PI should be able to take on any and all tasks without the fear of getting caught becoming a hurdle. There has to be a calculation of risk and a good detective will have a back up plan at his disposal should something go sideways.

5 – Decisive

Probably the most important quality of a private investigator is his decision making skills. There will be circumstances where quick thinking and being able to make fast decisions on the run may make or break a particular investigation. Being able to keep those decisions within the framework of favorable outcomes takes a particular brand of thinking and confidence. Being able to work through sometimes adverse conditions and still accomplish tasks is a sign of this.

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