The private investigators in Boise have always concentrated on field work which puts a detective out of the office and tracking information leads. However, thanks to new technology such as the internet, many investigators conduct their searches online. But if you had to guess what the split was between field work and online investigations, what would you think it would be?

Well, there are several variables but basically speaking, the average detective will spend half of his time in the field and the rest online. This does depend on the kind of investigation being conducted. An example where technology has shifted the workload is in record checks. Now that the majority of records accessed for investigative purposes are online, libraries and dark, dingy storage facilities housing decades of paper files are not necessarily where a PI will spend days.

For a better picture of the kinds of work the private investigators in Boise do, let’s break it down into two different categories.

Online Investigations

An online investigation for the purpose of this example is anything that a detective would have once done in person but can accomplish now through the internet. The top three online investigation types in 2016 were:

1 – Record Checks and Retrieval – up to 87% of this work was conducted online

2 – Background Investigations (Personal, Financial) – up to 79% online

3 – Locate A Person (Missing, Lost Relative, etc.) – up to 76% online

On Location Investigations

An on location investigation would be a case where a detective is conducting work in the field, away from the office and not on a computer. The top three on location investigation types in 2016 were:

1 – Infidelity (requiring personal interviews, photography, etc.) – up to 87% in the field

2 – Post-Relationship (Custody, Alimony) – up to 73% conducted on location

3 – Harassment – up to 63% on location

Trust The Private Investigators In Boise

Of course, there are crimes that have developed as a result of the new technology that require almost exclusive online investigative techniques such as catfishing and social media investigations. On the other hand, security and witness interviewing would be almost exclusively field work. Regardless of what your requirements are, Custer Agency can help. Contact the private investigators in Boise today for more information.