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Vehicles for Private Investigation

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Top 5 Private Investigator Surveillance Vehicles

Private Investigators in Boise require vehicles in order to conduct various tasks related to their case load. One very common part of an investigation that requires the use of a vehicle is surveillance. As this particular task can take several hours and cover various distances, detectives rely on vehicles that are economical and practical. The top five choices for private investigator surveillance vehicles fall under the categories of economy sedan, full size vans, mid size SUVs, full size SUVs and minivans.

1 – Economy Sedan

Automobiles that fall under this category are considered a common choice of surveillance vehicle for private investigators in Boise. The average economy sedan will not only blend into surroundings, it is easy to handle with great mobility. This allows it to make sharp turns when needed. Gas mileage is decent and economy sedans will last a long time if they are properly maintained. Seating is comfortable but may not be for long periods of time. These kinds of vehicles are not designed for off-road travel making them a good choice for city and highway use.

2 – Full Size Vans

Vans are big and bulky which make them stand out so when used for surveillance they work best if they are sitting in one place for long periods of time. Due to size and turning ratio, full size vans are difficult for quick maneuvering and are not very fuel efficient. However, they do provide a lot more room for comfort and storage of monitoring equipment and whatever else is required in surveillance investigations. Again, when properly maintained these vehicles will last a long time and are not intended for off-road use.

3 – Mid Size SUVs

This is another type of vehicle that is commonly used by private investigators. They blend into any surrounding, have excellent mobility for quick moves and provide good gas mileage. They are also excellent in most travel conditions ranging from sunny and dry to dark and wet or snowy. Mid size SUVs are also capable of travelling in places that most other vehicles cannot making it a great all-around selection of surveillance vehicle for private investigators in Boise. These vehicles will also last a long time with proper maintenance.

4 – Full Size SUVs

Oddly enough, while a full size SUV has many great features that would make it an excellent surveillance vehicle, there are several disadvantages that essentially cancel out all the good parts. The size of the vehicle can be problematic when it comes to parking and they stick out in most surroundings. They have limited mobility in situations requiring fast action and are not very fuel efficient. They are comfortable with plenty of room and can be used in all conditions and with high ground clearance and 4WD capabilities, full size SUVs can go almost anywhere. They last a long time with regular care and are commonly used by many detectives for surveillance work.

5 – Minivans

Believe it or not, the top pick for most investigators in a minivan for surveillance work. They have great mobility, although not as much as a smaller vehicle. Minivans tend to blend into virtually any surrounding as they are common sights in just about any neighborhood or city street. These vehicles provide a great deal of comfort and room and have reasonable gas mileage. They tend to perform well in any kind of conditions but may not be as reliable in snow and should not be used for off-road travel. With good maintenance a minivan will last a long, long time.

For More Information Contact Custer Agency

The private investigators at Custer Agency have the right vehicles for surveillance work in and around the Boise area. We know what conditions to expect and have the perfect vehicle to match ensuring we can complete any surveillance investigation quickly and professionally. For more information on our services, call Custer Agency today.

Infidelity Investigation in Boise

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How a Private Investigator in Boise Might Uncover an Improper Relationship

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, the private investigators in Boise can find out for certain. Statistics show that if you have suspicions, you may be correct. Wives are typically 85-percent correct and husbands are 50-percent correct when they feel that their ‘better half’ has had an affair. The sad thing is that figures indicate it is more common than you may think.

Research shows that roughly 60-percent of men and close to 40-percent of women will have at least one affair during their married years. Private investigators in Boise can tell you that your fears are not unfounded. The other side of the coin shows that while it is not uncommon for a spouse to have an improper relationship, often partners are unaware of it happening.

What Are The Signs?

There are several signals that can hint at the possibility of an affair. They include an obvious change in the level of affection and intimacy in the relationship; unusual or secretive phone or internet activity; changes in appearance and bathroom habits; and work habit changes to where a lot of late nights are spent “at the office” or at “out-of-town conferences.”

Why A Detective Should Be Hired

The main reason why hiring a Boise private investigator is a good idea in this instance is primarily related to emotions. A detective can launch an infidelity investigation and remain emotionally detached through the entire process. They can also spend less time uncovering information and can gather solid evidence that will stand up in a courtroom.

While an angry spouse may be able to provide video or photographic evidence, due to the emotional connection it may not be considered valid. As a detective can follow a suspected cheating spouse, they will not be noticed and can therefore bring substantial evidence forward. Plus, a PI will be unbiased and be able to supply information suitable for a family law case.

What the Boise Private Investigator Will Do

Following your first meeting with the detective who will require information on the suspect, including signs that have made you suspicious in the first place, a period of surveillance will take place. This is when the investigator will observe the suspect to gather evidence. The evidence is then presented to you to determine whether or not to proceed with a divorce.

The investigation itself can vary in length depending on the circumstances but can be as quick as a matter of hours or can stretch into several months. The detective will only collect information that will help you with your case and will be discreet and keep your meeting discussions private. Their goal is to bring you peace of mind and to see if your suspicions are correct.

Call Custer Agency Today

Discovering the possibility of a cheating spouse is never easy and in order to find out for sure that there is an affair, you need to see a detective. The private investigators in Boise at Custer Agency have the tools, skills and knowledge that can get to the bottom of the situation quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to find out more about our infidelity investigation process.

Missing Persons

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How Private Investigators Locate Missing People

Private investigators in Boise are called on to find people on a regular basis. The circumstances vary from case to case but generally if you are looking for a long-lost family member or acquaintance a detective can bring you together. Whether you are trying to connect with someone because you have important family news to pass along or you have contracted a contagious disease and need to alert former partners, a private investigator will be able to help.

Where To Start

Once you have provided all the information you have such as name and last known address or city of residence, your Boise private investigator will go to work. The beginning steps are relatively basic and will include searches in common reference materials. These may include phone directories, online search engines and public libraries.

Looking Deeper Online

Thanks to the technology of today’s world, searching for someone online is far easier than traditional methods. Private investigators in Boise will examine social network feeds, online directories and if they do not produce results, there are specific websites they will use. Many are designed specifically for people searches and range in nature from general directories to genealogy and family history records.

Other Sources

Detectives will look into various public record sources including court records, real estate and tax documents, registered voter information and if that doesn’t produce results they will go even further. Your Boise private investigator will search state records looking for such information as bankruptcy records, birth or death certificates, marriage licenses, divorce papers and even employment records such as worker’s compensation files and employee data.

But That’s Not All…

There is a wealth of information that can be found when searching federal records and that can be anything from social security and military records to IRS information and even the FAA to find out if the subject you are looking for happens to have a pilots’ license. In fact, any form of licensing can become a lead that will unlock a little more information including drivers’ license information. Private investigators in Boise need only a little information in order to follow up a lead which may result in additional information.

The Advantages To Hiring A Private Investigator

There is no doubt that you could spend a lot of time online searching public records and files yourself for that missing person. The majority of the public files you once had to examine physically are available online – some requiring a fee to access. But what about private company and government files? Those are the ones that only a detective can look into making a private detective an important part of the process.

Contact Custer Agency Today

At Custer Agency we have the tools and skills to quickly and efficiently locate that person you need to contact. We have access to information that the general public does not which makes us a logical choice in finding whoever you are trying to connect with. Contact the private investigators in Boise at Custer Agency today for more information on how we can serve you.

Business Security in Boise

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Using A Private Investigator in Boise for Business Security

Although they are very different, there are many similarities to private investigators and security guards. The most common connection between the two professions stems from courses available to become one or the other. Private investigator and security guard training courses are frequently conducted together and legislation outlining the conduct of these roles is also typically found together. Probably the most common pairing comes from corporate business operators who will hire a private investigator for business security.

Here are a few reasons why they make good choices for this position:

Crime Prevention

Shoplifting and theft is documented to be drastically reduced when various forms of security are present in any business. Those forms can be, for example, cameras monitoring key locations within the premises or a uniformed security guard. While these are excellent security measures, there is one better. With a private investigator handling security in Boise, he will be in plain clothes and can be monitoring the business undetected. This makes the investigator virtually invisible to a criminal that may not otherwise act with a uniformed guard present.

An Extra Pair Of Eyes

The typical business owner is busy enough keeping their store or service operating on a day-to-day basis. Very few of them have the time to keep track of all the other activity going on in their premises – especially when it is a high customer traffic day. A Boise private investigator provides that extra hand dealing with a department that is better left to a professional. The private investigator hired to provide business security can take care of camera monitoring, regular checks of all entrances and exits, conduct parking lot surveillance and additional checks as part of a regular foot patrol when not in-store. This allows the store owner to concentrate solely on their business.

Stress Reduction

One of the biggest bonuses to having a private investigator in Boise working on business security is the effect they will have on you, your staff and customers. There is a lot to be said about having a sense of security in your place of business or work. Employees will be relaxed and customers will view your place of business as professional. Employees will see their workplace as a safe place for them to earn an income. You will be less stressed about everything connected to the business of doing business. Your private investigator will be able to bring all of this to your business along with years of experience, professional advice and much more ensuring your business is protected and secure.

Contact Custer Agency in Boise Today

When you are looking for a security presence in your business or office and want something other than a uniformed guard, give the private investigators at Custer Agency in Boise a call. We can discuss your needs and find the right fit to protect your workplace.