Thanks to the new technology in the world today, there are even more threats to your privacy. The private investigators in Boise point to Spyware as one such example. You need to be aware of what this kind of programming can do to you and your family without you even knowing it is happening. Spyware uses your computer to farm information that is unprotected.

1 – Steal Your Identity

Spyware can send account information from your computer to third parties. This enables them to steal your identity which can become a huge nightmare. With your personal information, hackers can post things online as if it were you and with online banking and credit card information pulled through Spyware, you can end up in even worse situations.

2 – Feed Stalkers Information

Spyware continues to keep up with the changes in new technology to the point where phone calls can be monitored as well as messenger texts, emails and much more. You can have personal information, photos and whatever else contained on a handheld device stolen from you and used against you without you being aware that it is happening.

3 – Provide Remote Access

The private investigators in Boise warn that one of the most harmful dangers of Spyware is how is can install other damaging software programs into your device. This may even include a remote controlling program which can allow a hacker the ability to search the inside of your computer when you are on it and unaware of it. Your computer may then be used to distribute illegal data or malware to all of your contacts spreading viruses and stealing more information in the process.

4 – There Is A Way To Fight Back

Fortunately there are several anti-Spyware products available. However, in order to remain protected you will have to keep your anti-Spyware programs up to date. Also, beware of freeware programs available from questionable download websites. Several of these programs are used to load Spyware into computers of users looking for games or other freeware tools.

The Private Investigators In Boise Are Cyber-Crime Fighters

If you suspect you have an online stalker, the best thing to do is contact Custer Agency for advice. The private investigators in Boise are well versed in cyber-crime and can provide you with information on how they can remedy your situation. To find out more, call Custer Agency today.