Betrayal tends to have a larger impact when the source of it is your spouse or significant other. The private investigators in Boise can help you gather the right evidence in the case of an infidelity lawsuit. But before you start to jump to conclusions, you really need to do some of your own homework. Here are a few tips on how to catch a cheating spouse.

1 – Stay Within The Law

Even if you have strong suspicions that something is happening behind your back, you still have to respect the privacy of the people you suspect. In fact, if you violate this and things go sideways for you, you could end up in court as a result. Any tips you’ve seen on TV or in the internet ranging from hacking phones and bugging vehicles is just illegal and can end up costing you a lot more than your marriage.

2 – Monitor Their Phone

While still staying within the law, you can learn things by checking for any changes in phone activity without violating their privacy. Such clues include your spouse leaving the room to take some phone calls; your spouse taking their phone with them everywhere even sleeping with it and; a PIN that you once knew that has been changed. If the phone has caller ID and you can still access it, do a quick scroll and see if there are numbers you don’t recognize. You can do a search of the sources of those phone numbers later.

3 – Computer History

Provided your spouse has not learned how to delete the browser history from a family computer, which you have legal access to, you can always look at the records of the pages and websites they have visited. Dating sites, social media pages and other uncommon sites visited could yield a clue or two. If they frequently erase the browser history, this could also mean something is going on.

4 – Record Activities

The private investigators in Boise agree that if you document your spouse’s activities such as visits to the ATM, trips and unexpected absences from home or work, you may be able to identify a pattern.

Call the Private Investigators in Boise

Custer Agency has experience in researching the activities of a cheating spouse. This is why you should conduct some of your own investigating before you contact the private investigators in Boise. Sometimes the unexplained activities that appear to point to cheating may be something completely different such as a personal family problem or even an addiction. This is why you must be certain before you seek legal advice. For more tips call Custer Agency today.