If you have ever been tempted by the lure of making money quickly, chances are you have had exposure to a con job. The private investigators in Boise have spent a great deal of time investigating several different schemes that fall under the category of fraud investigation services. To be safe from getting caught up in a fraudulent offer, there are a number of signs to watch out for. They include, but are not limited to the following:

1 – You’re A Lucky Winner

The way this con operates is that a letter, email or phone call is received indicating you have just won the lottery. The hook here is that in order to claim the prize, you must first provide personal details either online or on the phone. The lottery is often ‘staged’ to be in a foreign country or in the name of a non-existent charity. Once you provide the requested information you do not receive the cash prize as you’ve given away personal data that can be used in identity theft.

2 – Going Through The Roof

This particular con comes from an offer of extremely cheap home improvement services that can be roof repairs or any other renovation project. The scammers will request an upfront partial payment or suggest you file an insurance claim. After the payment is received a poorly executed repair ensues and then they disappear. This leaves you with addition work required on your home to repair the scammers repair and your insurance provider puts you on a black list.

3 – Rich Nigerian Prince Needs Help

Here is a very common con that has touched the lives of many people you already know. A member of royalty or of significant stature in a foreign country makes contact with you. It was a common fax machine scam before email, but now it’s as common there. The ‘Prince’ needs to transfer a huge amount of money into your bank account just to ‘hold’ for a period of time. All they need to know in order to do this is your banking information. The private investigators in Boise don’t have to tell you what can happen to you if you fall for this one, do they?

Don’t Get Scammed, Call The Private Investigators in Boise

Custer Agency has seen all kinds of games designed to separate you from your hard earned cash. Don’t get sucked into a con job. Watch for the signs as most of them follow similar patterns. For fraud investigation services, give the private investigators in Boise a call at Custer Agency today.