The private investigators in Boise are called upon for various types of investigative work. One of the most challenging of these involves surveillance. If you have ever watched a detective movie or television show you have very likely heard the term ‘tail’ being used as in someone being ‘tailed’ or having a ‘tail’ put on them. This is a layman’s term for surveillance.

The point of a surveillance investigation is to monitor or observe certain activities and behaviors of an individual, group of individuals or company. The information gathered through this kind of investigation is then used in a court room setting as evidence to support or prove a claim that has been made. The private investigators in Boise conduct surveillance in many different ways.

What Tools Are Used In Surveillance Investigations

Much like the ‘cop shows’ show, a detective will conduct a surveillance investigation by tracking a subject and their movements. This can be done by following the subject in a vehicle that cannot be immediately identified as such or with GPS technology. The most valuable tool in this kind of investigation is a video camera which is used to record evidence.

The private investigators in Boise rely on video recordings as they capture details that may not be readily recognizable in still photos. Plus, video evidence is considered one of the strongest pieces of investigative information in court. Other data is collected through the use of field agents who can conduct interviews with acquaintances of the subject under surveillance.

After Surveillance Information Is Gathered

Once a detective has determined sufficient data and evidence has been collected through the surveillance investigation, a report is prepared. The report will document what findings were uncovered and how they satisfy the purpose of the investigation. This will become the foundation of information used in court testimony.

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Private investigators are the professional detectives required to conduct any kind of surveillance. They have not just the technical knowhow, they also have access to tools and use methods that will provide the necessary information for your court case. Detectives are efficient and capable when a surveillance investigation is required for a client.

The private investigators in Boise have a great deal of experience in handling various surveillance investigations. They can also uncover evidence that would not be possible if you were to attempt to track someone yourself. For more information on whether or not a surveillance investigation is needed in your case, contact Custer Agency today.