Fraud is far more common than you may realize and the private investigators in Boise have seen their share of these kinds of cases. In simple terms, when someone or something is misrepresented with deception as the prime objective, fraud has been committed. A fine example is if a product or service is advertised as one thing but does not meet the specifications promoted. In other words, the manufacturer is guilty of using fraudulent means to increase business.

A fraud investigation is where evidence is gathered in order to determine whether or not a scam or some kind had taken place. The goal of the private investigators in Boise in this type of investigation is to protect those victimized by the act of fraud. If that evidence supports the fraud claim, then a guilty verdict results in some form of restitution to those who were deceived. Information gathering is conducted in order to prove or disprove the fraud claim.

How Is A Fraud Investigation Conducted?

Following an interview with the claimant where detectives collect the details related to the fraud claim, more evidence it collected. This may come from investigations within the business that has the claim against it or employees involved. This can be done through interviews, background checks and surveillance. Once enough data is collected, the investigators build the case to support the claim.

What Are Different Types of Fraud?

The most common types of fraud the private investigators in Boise deal with are insurance fraud. This occurs when either an individual has made a false claim for insurance benefits or where a legitimate claim is not honored by an insurance company. Financial fraud includes such things as terrorist financing, health care/telemarketing fraud and tax evasion.

Internet fraud is becoming more common with people being taken advantage of on the internet. Usually it involves financial transactions that are fraudulent or theft of personal information. Identity theft is another type of fraud that is becoming more common as is mechanical repair fraud where vehicle owners are deceived over vehicle servicing and pricing.

Other types of fraud come from misrepresenting amounts required for business expense accounts, inventory theft, and corporate fraud where customer information is compromised. There is even transit fraud where staged accidents are created to benefit individuals riding on public transit and ticket fraud where non-existent event tickets are sold.

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