How a Private Investigator in Boise Approaches Text Message Investigations

Text Message Investigations

Private investigators in Boise have found that many smart phone users believe that once a text message is deleted – it is gone forever. The same goes for erasing any other files that were once accessed by the handheld device. As it turns out, none of that data is actually removed. This turns any cell phone into a valuable tool used in different investigations because of the information it continues to have stored deep inside it. However, it takes an expert with the right tools to extract that information.

Why Would You Want To Access These Files?

Typically recovery of this data is essential in several different kinds of private investigations. While accessing cell phone text messages may be a regular source of information during an infidelity investigation, information stored on such a device can be used in other ways as well. A failing in a business partnership or family dispute may require this kind of research. Even alibis during investigations where timelines are being established can be assisted by text message time and date stamp information.

What Can A Detective Uncover From A Cell Phone?

The private investigators in Boise use proprietary computer software to extract data from handheld devices, even if they have been locked or damaged. The kinds of data that can be recovered includes deleted text messages, deleted photos, and deleted video, call logs and even GPS information. All of this can come direct for the internal phone memory. All of this data is kept confidential outside of the framework of the investigation it is being used for and is gathered discreetly in an office setting.

Why Go To A Private Investigator For This Information?

Phone carriers cannot release this kind of information without a court order (in most cases). The guy you bought the phone from may be able to hack into some data but will not be able to pull out the ‘lost’ data. The private investigators in Boise are called on to examine phone data for various reasons and as a result have the correct software to do this legally and efficiently. In fact, the software used by detectives is not shareware or anything you would be able to access online or find available to the public.

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