The private investigators in Boise are well trained in reading human body language. But did you know that your computer and handheld devices say a lot more about you than you think? It’s called cyber body language and it includes some very interesting information that is gathered from any and all of your sessions spent online.

What Information Is Gathered

Your digital body language, according to the private investigators in Boise, includes your web browsing history, the history of anything you download from the internet, web searches you conduct and web communication. This includes email and messenger platforms. In other words, whatever you do from when you go online until you shut down your device is being monitored.

The majority of this data on your online behavior is collected and used to determine your shopping habits and location of where you are and where you go. Have you ever wondered how advertising you see online can be so much related to what you have recently been doing online? If you haven’t paid some attention to the sites you visit, some will pop up in future advertising.

Why Is This Information Of Interest?

The private investigators in Boise see value in the data that is being collected as part of your cyber body language. On one hand it allows online businesses to better target their advertising and promotional efforts to potential customers who meet criteria based on their online habits. In fact, from a marketing standpoint, digital footprints often lead to better advertising results.

Online marketing efforts are highly successful thanks to the ability of software programs to gather cyber body language information. However, the private investigators in Boise see another side to this situation. With so much specific data collected on an individual based on their online activities, it can easily be used against you by cyber criminals who may hack into the data.

How You Can Protect Yourself

There are software programs that will assist you in hiding some of your online tracks but the only real way to eliminate your digital habits is to never use the internet again. For many, that is not a practical solution. However, you can be more aware of what you do online and can change your habits accordingly. Protecting your personal information is paramount.

Custer Agency Can Help

Remember, some of your online behavior has actually assisted software developers in enhancing their online programs and products making them more user friendly. At the same time, there has been a loss of privacy as a result with advertising following you around wherever you go online. For assistance in dealing with cyber issues, the private investigators in Boise can help. You can reach them by calling Custer Agency today.