Information stored on any kind of computer technology is not completely secure. The private investigators in Boise say that while external threats are important to protect yourself from, there is another source of risk. Internal threats also exist and can be as dangerous, or even more dangerous than hackers and malware finding their way into your personal data.

Internal data leaks are a form of cyber sabotage which typically is the result of a negative work-related incident. Someone being fired, losing a job due to downsizing, a dispute, transfer to another department or location or a demotion can trigger an attack on a data system from within. Sometimes the hacker worked on developing the very software programming to protect it.

Examples of Internal Data Leaks

You have heard about them probably more often than you know. The private investigators in Boise remind you of just a few examples of data leaks in recent years. The Red Cross Blood Service had over half a million blood donor records go public in 2016. That was apparently an accident. In 2015 the world leaders attending the G20 summit in Australia suddenly became vulnerable when data about the participants was accidently released. In 2013 data on two million customers of Vodaphone was stolen by an IT contractor. Customer data seems to get lost, shared, borrowed and exposed on a regular basis these days.

How To Protect Yourself

According to the private investigators in Boise there are ways to counter the threats associated with internal data leaks. They include training and implementing secure computer technology and putting both of these tools together to complement each other. Let’s look a bit deeper into each of these parts of the equation.


With a properly trained staff, where everyone understands the importance of protecting the data and how to deal with breaches, this is a crucial first step. This includes recognizing the many formats an IT threat can be disguised as and taking security, passwords and all related items seriously.

Computer Technology

Learning tech exists now that will recognize abnormal behavior by employees and will record suspicious activities creating solid evidence for later use by the private investigators in Boise. The tools are there to protect you and by utilizing them to support human observations, the risk of a security breach from the inside is greatly reduced.

Human Observation

It is also important to create an office culture where staff takes care of other members of the team by identifying problems before they can get out of hand. Unhappy, frustrated and angry employees present a risk if their concerns are not treated in a manner that resolves a potential issue.

The Private Investigators In Boise Are Here To Help

Personal data needs to be protected from threats on the outside as well as those on the inside. Fortunately there are tools available to take care of both. For more advice on IT threats contact the private investigators in Boise at Custer Agency.