If you ask a private investigator in Boise they will tell you that you should do a background check on a nanny before hiring. That’s because you are hiring someone to look after your child and that responsibility requires a certain type of person. Words like responsible, experienced and nurturing all comes to mind. Unfortunately, also do the horror stories of nannies in the news that have neglected and even abused the children in their care. Here are reasons why you need to have a background check done before hiring your child’s nanny:

1 – Identity Confirmation

Although it may sound obvious, the person you are hiring must be who they claim to be. You may need a private investigator in Boise to assist with verifying such basic facts as date of birth, Social Security number and other personal data about the person.

2 – Record Check

A criminal past is not too hard to hide or leave off of resumes when looking for a new job. A background check can reveal much about someone’s past including any and all criminal activity. This is important information to tell you something about the person you are considering taking care of your children.

3 – Verification of Licensing

Legitimate nannies have completed proper educational courses and have licensing that allows them to work in this field of child care. It is important to have verification of experience, training and licensing as a nanny without this proof can be a harmful addition to your home and family.

4 – Check of References

Just like you would for hiring anyone to work for you, it is important to conduct a reference check. References can say a lot about professionalism, work ethic and attitude which will all be important factors in the hiring process. A private investigator in Boise can assist with gathering this information.

Custer Agency Conducts Nanny Background Checks

When you are looking to hire a nanny and need the professional assistance of a private investigator in Boise, turn to Custer Agency. We have the tools to find out what you need to know in order to make an informed decision before hiring a nanny for your child or children.