In today’s world most of our communication is through computer technology. Ask a private investigator in Boise and they will tell you that thanks to digital platforms, they have more access to information than ever before. Social media, email and text programs provide a whole host of data that can be mined when needed. Here is a look at some of the different types of computer forensic services available:

1 – Recovery of Data

This is the main service that falls under computer forensics. There are several data recovery techniques that a private investigator in Boise can employ. It allows for the recovery of deleted files, social media posts, emails and texts. Plus, temporary files, search histories along with access and usage information can all be recovered.

2 – Recovery of Smartphone Data

The data recovery techniques used on a smartphone can reveal much more information than on a laptop or desktop computer. Computer forensics on a smartphone can recover call logs, deleted photographs and contact lists as examples. However, where smartphones are best for this kind of investigative work is with the GPS and location data it records and stores. It can help a detective to determine where a phone user was at a particular location and time.

3 – Security of Digital Data

One of the benefits of computer forensic services is digital security solutions. A private investigator in Boise can provide tests and perform functions on your data to ensure it is safe and can reveal weaknesses in your existing protection. Should there be any way in which a hacker can attack your system, solutions will be available to remedy this through these tests.

Custer Agency Can Help

The one thing to remember about using your computer or smartphone is that you are always leaving behind a trail. With the assistance of a private investigator in Boise you can learn how to protect your digital data from being captured and used without your permission. For more information, contact Custer Agency today.