Audio surveillance equipment is an important part of a detective’s tool kit. A private investigator in Boise can rely on various listening tools and recording devices ranging from a tape or digital recorder to high-tech items such as directional microphones and amplified ear muffs. Here is a look at some of these tools of the trade:

1 – Phone Recording Device

This is old technology that continues to be a standard used by private investigators to this day. Essentially it is a recorder that can be connected into a phone line to record both sides of the conversations that take place on the specific phone line. It may be illegal for you to eavesdrop on someone’s conversation but law enforcement agencies can do this with a warrant.

2 – Directional Microphone

For a long-time private investigator in Boise this is another classic tool that still gets used today. It looks like a small mini satellite dish that is connected to a set of headphones. By pointing the receiving dish in different directions it picks up distant sounds in that specific direction.

3 – Smartphone Recorder

What sounds like a logical update from the older telephone recording devices is actually more than that. A smartphone recorder is smaller and can be carried anywhere. Plus, in order for it to be effective, it has to be plugged directly into the smartphone to capture both sides of a conversation – unless it is on speakerphone function.

4 – Amplified Ear Muffs

This can be considered one of the most innovative additions to audio surveillance in quite some time. They do two things at once – they shield your ears and reduce background noise while amplifying distant sounds. These are highly directional and you can mute some sounds while dialing in a frequency to hear others.

5 – Auto Start Recorder

Sound triggers the recording mechanism so this tool is easy on batteries and recording space because it just captures the sounds you are trying to record. A private investigator in Boise would find a great deal of use out of one of these as it sits quietly in a standby mode until a sensor picks up a sound and starts the recording process.

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