Investigations at accident scenes have one goal to reach: determining what caused the accident. A private investigator in Boise will tell you that this is a specialized field of investigative work. The results from an accident scene investigation are used in insurance claims, court cases and to assist with preventing similar accidents from occurring.

Accident investigation techniques require methodic and scientifically rigorous practices as the conclusions that result from them often become court evidence. Investigators who focus on accident scene work can come from many different fields of expertise and include engineers, health and safety supervisors and forensic scientists.

The Process Used In Accident Scene Investigation

There are four main techniques used in accident investigations. They include causal analysis where principles of causation are used to put together the series of events leading to the accident and expert analysis. This is where a private investigator in Boise would use their own expertise and knowledge to piece together the events prior to the accident.

The third technique is known as organizational analysis which follows the train of thought that with everything working in good order, there would be no accident. Experiments are then conducted to see how an element would be altered from the perfect state and play a role in the accident.

The final technique, advanced accident analysis, resulted from digital photography. With it an investigator can construct a 3D model of the accident scene and with computer programs, can ‘run’ various scenarios into the process of determining cause.

The Steps Accident Scene Investigation Follows

1 – Fact Gathering

This is the first step and involves collecting data through speaking to witnesses, taking notes of observations and taking photos of the scene. Samples may also be collected for further analysis. Once all of this information is together, the investigator will examine it, perform scientific calculations, tests and more to draw conclusions.

2 – Countermeasures

Depending on the nature of the accident, the report submitted by a private investigator in Boise may include recommendations related to safety issues. The accident report may end up a key factor used in changing vehicle design or other engineering tasks related to transportation.

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